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In 1968 Gerry Gallimore left a well-paying job in the pharmaceutical industry, one that allowed him to purchase a new home and Mercedes Benz as a young adult - to accept the call of God and moved into full-time Christian ministry with Jamaica Youth For Christ.

That decision meant no guaranteed paycheck for any month as Gerry now had to raise his support through those led by God to support his decision.  There was no retirement account, and that did not change up to when Gerry retired from  Youth For Christ International 50 years later.  Gerry served 62 years altogether with Youth For Christ, his first 12 years as a volunteer in Jamaica YFC.

He served as Pastor of Metropolitan Baptist Church in Hollywood, Florida for 9 years (1997-2006).

Now, this good man is 81 years old. He and his wife Sonia continue to live by faith trusting the Lord to meet their needs through the loving support of His people. We thank those of you who continue to remember, pray for and support the life and ministry of  Gerry & Sonia Gallimore who continue to live by faith in God’s call on their lives for now over 50 years.


Please support this cause generously, and be spiritually blessed in return by listening to the messages you purchase. Thank you.

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